Strategy is a plan of action that your team develops to achieve its goals. Focusing on strategy will make you better prepared for competitions, help you get the most out of your robot, and make you the best teammate possible. We’ve made some resources on strategy in FTC available to the public so that your team can get a head start.

Our Strategy Briefings

October Strategy Briefing

This issue introduces Strategic Analysis and Strategic Design and gives some tips for how to use them to build and program better robots.

The October Strategy Briefing mentions the use of a Match Plan. The Match Plan is useful when deciding on a strategy with an Alliance Partner, and allows teams in the alliance to see exactly what each team is capable of. We highly recommend that you use a Match Plan – you can download ours here.

Other Resources on Strategy

Many other teams have also released guides and presentations on Strategy in FIRST. These guides are usually aimed at more advanced teams, but once you understand the basics, they’re incredibly helpful. These are some of the most notable resources out there.

  • FRC 1114 Simbotics | Effective FIRST Strategies – Tons of valuable strategy resources from Simbotics, an incredibly strong FRC team, mostly applicable to FTC.
  • FRC 1678 | Strategic Design – An entire hour of renowned FRC mentor Michael Corsetto explaining FRC 1678’s dominating design strategy and how you can build amazing robots too, 100% applicable to FTC.
  • The Compass Alliance | Scouting – A great introduction to Scouting, a crucial process at competitions. Mostly applicable to FTC, but remember not to over-complicate your scouting method.