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Force, Mass & Acceleration

What is "Newtons Second Law of Motion?"

About Us

Team 12897 Newton’s Law of Mass is a FTC (FIRST Tech Challenge) team located in Newton, MA. Our mission is to create a space where kids can enjoy the rewarding experience that FIRST, engineering, and other STEM activities promote. We were established in June of 2017 with the intention of helping spread a bigger STEM presence in our community. Each season, we design, construct, and program a fully functional robot and improve important life skills such as teamwork, communication, and leadership. Even though we are only heading into our second year as a team, we have big plans for the this FTC 2018-2019 season, Rover Ruckus. We have demoed at city events, run workshops for kids, and offer tours of our competitions. As of Saturday, February Second, we, as finalists at the Andover High School qualifier, have qualified for the Massachusetts First Tech Challenge State Competition!


FIRST is an international organization founded in 1989 by Dean Kamen. It began in a New Hampshire High School’s gym, with only 26 teams, and has grown over the years and currently has 3 programs with a total of over 32,000 teams, and more than 350,000 students enrolled in FIRST programs. There are teams in several countries besides the United States, including Chile, Mexico, Israel, and China. The three competitions that are a part of FIRST are FLL (FIRST Lego League), FTC (FIRST Tech Challenge) and FRC (FIRST Robotics Competition). 

Spreading our mission at the Newton Harvest Fair!

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